Malama Avocado

Malama is a new, high quality, fall-ripening avocado cultivar developed by the Department of Horticulture, University of Hawaii.  It is a Guatemalan race hybrid seedling grown from an open-pollinated seedling of unknown origin at the Malama-Ki experimental farm.  Trees tend to be spreading, especially when carrying a heavy crop.  Leaves are light green when young, turning dark green when mature.  The usual ripening period is October.  The flowers are B type (Female in afternoon opening, Male when they reopen the following morning.)  Fruits are oblong with smooth, leathery skin that turns purple at maturity  and weighs about 1.1-1.5 lb. The skin is pliable and peels easily from the flesh.  The flavor is rich and nutty, and the oil content is more than 20 percent.  The texture of the flesh is smooth and without fiber.

Greengold Avocado

This Avocado is an A flower (Female in Morning opening, Male in Afternoon opening.  Pollination is primarily by bees and the fruit comes ripe from Dec. to April.

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