Citrus Trees

Washington Navel Orange
(November-January) Seedless, large eating orange, easy to peel.  The orange we all know and love.

Freemont Tangerine
MANDARIN Citrus reticulata- Firstly, the name 'tangerine' has been applied to very orange-red colored mandarins cultivars - presumably as a description of the color, as much as anything else. However, to avoid confusion, it is best to stick with the correct name-'mandarin'. Without a doubt, the mandarin is one of the most valuable fruit for the small space home fruit gardener in the warm temperate areas. The trees are small to very small if grafted onto darfing or ultra dwarfing (flying dragon) rootstock, they start bearing within three years of planting out, the flowers are attractive, the tree in fruit is attractive, they don't need pruning, almost none need a pollinator, the range of flavors in the mandarins is reasonably diverse, and there are early, mid, and late season varieties to give a long fruiting season.

Imperial Meyer Lemon
Less acidic that Eruika lemons this tree bears fruit year round that have a thin skin, good tenacity on tree branch.

Kajang Star Fruit
Produces large yellow fruit and grows to a height of 20í-30í.  CARAMBOLA Averrhoa carambola 'star fruit', 'five corner fruit'. Although relatively slow growing in the subtropics, Carambolas are adaptable trees and make open, small to medium sized, attractive landscape specimens, with pinnate leaves and clusters of small purple flowers. The fruits are more or less oval, and so deeply and sharply ribbed that a fruit cut in half shows the shape of a five pointed star. The fruit come in sour and sweet versions. The yellow, thin skinned fruit have clear, juicy, crisp flesh. It produces it's main crop in the cooler time of year. Carambolas are relatively easy to espalier against a wall- a useful attribute for small gardens.

Key Lime
Mexican Thornless lime which is sometimes called the bartenderís lime.  Small, juicy fruit which is distinctively aromatic.  May be picked green or yellow.  Bears fruit year round.  Yellow fruit when ripe, blooms and fruits all year, excellent in pies and beverages!

1 Lb all purpose fertilizer  per inch of trunk diameter/year.  Apply twice a year ½ during fruiting, ½ after.
15-15-15 prills or prills 16-16-16
Prune dead wood, but donít prune growing trees.  When pruning sterilize tools with flame.  No more than 1/3 of branch length per year.

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